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Historical novels from the 2nd für das 21st century


Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

The healing waters of Sirona

Did the Romans from Mogontiacum "yonder the Brook" who visited us in Aquae Mattiacorum find that as strange? Wiesbaden has founded its status as a spa of global fame, as everybody knows, on 27 thermal springs. Whenever I visit the town centre, I have made the habit, that was already cultivated by my grandfather, to fill a few bottles with water from the mineral spring that must already have flowed through the temple of the goddess Sirona who is revered by our protagonist, Restitutus, so much. This time a young mother from abroad was sitting at the bank in front of the spring, observing me surprised and asking, finally, what I was going to do with that water.
"You may cook a soup from that," I said, "but, primarily, we drink it. If you got a sore throat, for example, it's quite an effective cure, I found." When we walked away, I turned once again and saw how the young lady was filling an emptied coffee mug from the spring and tried a gulp.
Her "Bah!" resounded through the whole lane. As she slapped her hand on her mouth in horror, I shouted at her from the next inlet, "You only have to get used to the taste!"
It is possible. Really. My wife has managed, too.

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