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Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Corpus Sacrum finitum est!

In August we wanted already to publish the final volume from our holiday resort - and then I had forgotten the final two chapters on my wife's computer! *headbang*

But it's done at last. With that third part of "Corpus Sacrum", "Dawn of the Swordstar", the Romanike series is finally completely available in English from XinXii. In the last few days we have also uploaded the print files of all three parts to Createspace, see the links to the left of this page. Vol. III may be available in two or three days. Amazon lost an illustration that had been there in the print file - ooops? They are currently looking into that glitch to find a remedy.

And I am staying in contact with that fool who amended the title of Vol. II as "Corpvs" and believed that to be right.

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