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Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Results from the Antikythera expedition

Sadly, no additional parts of the Antikythera Mechanism have been found by the divers who went down to the sunken vessel that had contained it till 1901. What they had brought up, according to the reports, were coins, artwork and parts of furniture. The greatest surprise of this expedition was the ship itself that has now been thoroughly cartographed: It was the largest Roman cargo vessel ever to have sailed the Mediterranean, maybe as much as 50 meters long! This renders the reconstructions obsolete that the National Museum of Athens had still published in 2011 - they had just been seen on the Frankfurt Book Fair (see below). 
Its remains are spread over 300 meters, which is much more than the first divers who visited it in 1901 had anticipated. Better still: The ship was found to have been part of a convoy, for a second vessel has been discovered less than 250 meters nearby! The research team suggests that this other ship might still contain a duplicate of the Antikythera Mechanism - a publicity move otherwise known as the NASA Gambit: "Yes, there may be life on Mars and our next mission may find it. Fund it! Fund it!" This next mission may take place next year - unless Mummy Merkel cuts the budget of her bad children in Greece short again. 

Supplement of 2014-11-10:
A second wreck was assumed, according to this source, by a minority due to the far spreading of the findings, especially the amphorae. The majority of the researchers believes, however, that all findings originated from the same ship.
It is also mentioned here that a precious ring has been found next to a female skeleton, maybe a bride that should have been taken to her wedding.




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