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Historical novels from the 2nd für das 21st century


Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

C. Iulius Restitutus

Caius Iulius Restitutus, priest and councilman in Aquae Mattiacorum, is the last living descendant of a house of aristocrats who had received Roman citizenship by Iulius Caesar himself, as family history claims. At the age of 52, he has spent much of his life presiding over his small parish of devoted followers and fighting sleep during council meetings. Having stayed without heir, he is also without perspective for the future of his house and prefers to seclude himself in his waiting for the herald of death despite the occasional kick by his more sociable wife, Lucania Castilla. His heart is kindled by looking into the stars, however. Restitutus has a large collection of astronomical books and instruments and enjoys giving lectures to others, whether they would listen or not. Unfortunately, his lack of ambition has earned him reputation as a good citizen of Rome, attracting the attention of men of power who one day decide he is their ideal puppet in pursuing their political aims.  

Restitutus is an inconspicuous man of medium size with greying hair and increasing presbyopia, so that he prefers to request the services of a slave to read to him aloud. Though fully Romanised, he is still fluently speaking the language of his ancestors from the Mattiaci tribe. He treats his slaves with distance rather than harshness and feels that his household does not quite pay him the respect that his position as pater familias demanded, but he is lacking the energy to change anything about it. His profound dislike of children is persistently ignored by little Belsia Valeriana from the neighbourhood who trespasses his property at will, sometimes so that he trips over her.

C. Iulius Restitutus is an historical character. According to an inscription kept in the museum of Wiesbaden, he has been curator of a temple dedicated to Sirona, a Celtic deity equated with Diana, goddess of the Moon.

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