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Historical novels from the 2nd für das 21st century


Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

"The Treasure of Antikythera": Forthcoming exhibition on our novel series' prime topic!

For anyone who wonders what our "Romanike" series of historical novels is about, there is an exhibition forthcoming in the Antiikenmuseum of Basel, Switzerland. The following excerpt I translated from the German version of their announcement:

"27.09.15 - 27.03.16

The Sunken Treasure. The Shipwreck of Antikythera

The first museum outside of Greece to exhibit the most important ancient shipwreck that has been discovered: the Antikythera Wreck, is the Museum of Ancient Art in #Basel. You can see the sensational cargo ship: masterpieces of Greek art and technology.

The exhibition "The Sunken Treasure" tells the story of a ship that sank in 70/60 BC in a storm near the island of Antikythera near Crete. The cargo ship was en route from Greece to Italy. It had wonderful Greek art for the Roman market on board ... In addition, a mysterious device was found on the seabed, consisting of bronze gears. The #Antikythera #Mechanism is regarded as a kind of ancient rcomputer and one of the most important discoveries in the history of archaeology. ...

The Basel exhibition presents not only the sensational boatload but explains why the ship had been on its way from Greece to Rome.  ..."

The Antikythera Mechanism in a still from the "Romanike" trailer video

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