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Historical novels from the 2nd für das 21st century


Dienstag, 17. März 2015

The Serpent and its Priest: Forthcoming in March 2015

Forthcoming in March 2015: "The Serpent and its Priest", a new annotated translation of the 2000 years old satire "The Pseudomancer" by Lucian of Samosata. This is the extraordinary historic record that inspired our "Romanike" novels: How Alexander of Abonuteichus, the Rasputin of the ancient world, founded a religious order that deceived even the emperors of Rome and how one sceptic, Lucian, tried to unmask his fraud.

Read more about Glycon, Alexander's man-headed serpent god, on these blog entries:

"Present-day skeptics are fond of presenting their kind of thinking as the latest thing, a relatively new invention that was developed only with the struggle and sacrifice of freethinkers and scientists during the Enlightenment. However, the writings of Lucian of Samosata, who lived in present-day Syria nearly two thousand years ago, show that the skill skeptical inquiry is quite ancient.

Lucian writes of the popular god Glycon, a god who was said to have descended from the heavens to take on the earthly form of a snake. That snake was held in the arms of Alexander of Abonoteichus, who was said to have discovered him. Upon hearing of the wonders of Glycon, who was said to have been able to heal the sick and raise the dead, Lucian went himself to see what it was all about."
Read more: Ancient Skepticism and the Snake God Glycon

"Human existence requires the suspension of disbelief.  Sure she loves you.  Of course the boss values your contribution.  Your children aren’t little savages.  And if you work hard enough, someday your genius will be recognized.  Or maybe you’re just born, muddle through life, and die, and no matter what miraculous feats you’ve accomplished and Sisyphean tasks you’ve somehow triumphed over, in a few thousand years you will be unknown and unmourned.  But that’s just plain boring.  Suck it up cowboy, and make some noise.  Invent a new philosophy.  Start a revolution.  Write a timeless song.  Finish that heartbreaking novel.  Or, if you’re feeling edgy like the Greek prophet Alexander of Abonutichus (105-170 A.D.), make yourself a hand puppet and declare it a god.  It’s bold.  It’s ironic.  It worked for Jim Henson.  After all, if Fozzie Bear has not yet been nominated for sainthood, it is no doubt merely an oversight by the beatification committee.  Or perhaps he’s Protestant.  Some sins are just unforgivable.  There were a lot of philosophies and theologies indolently laying about the Greco-Roman World in at the opening of the 2nd Century A.D, but Alexander of Abonutichus’ cult of the snake god Glycon achieved stunning popularity given its foundation in puppetry. ..."
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