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Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

What has happened to Castilla's scarf?

One reader inquired about that. In "The Man who Never Dies" there are two persons wearing those blue-and-white silk scarfs: Castilla and little Valeriana. As late as "The Dominion Device", we still see Valeriana wearing hers, but where has Castilla's gone? If Valeriana should have two of them now, why do we not hear about it?

Well, basically because Adrianus did not hear about it, I am tempted to say. Of course, Castilla's whole store of clothes was passed on to Sabina-Charis who sorted out what did not fit her and gave it to Valeriana (much to Adrianus' surprise, as you may remember). That essentially concerned the dresses, of course, while a silk scarf can be worn by everyone. True - yet it is unlikely, I deem, that Charis would show herself in public with a perfect copy of what might be called Valeriana's trademark in Aquae Mattiacorum where everyone knows her with that scarf of hers: Such a sight would upgrade the monger's daughter beyond any limit that Charis is able to tolerate. So, yes, that scarf may indeed have gone to Valeriana, too, which made it even easier for her to give one of them away and sort of equip her hired agent with her private uniform. Adrianus had not been around to ask, however, so there is no chance we could have known the details of this transaction.

But then, it is just as possible that Castilla's scarf was worn out and she had thrown it away in the meantime. Silk doesn't last forever, you know.

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